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What Women Create Spring 2022 Mariko Kusumoto

What Women Create (USA)

Spring 2022

fidings cover .jpg

Findings (UK)

Autumn 2022, issue 74

"Fragility and Ambiguity"

Artemorbida October 2021 Mariko Kusumoto

Artemorbida (Italy)

October 2021

"Wearing the Sea"

by Barbara Pavan

Ateliers d'art June/July 2020 number 146  Mariko Kusumoto

Ateliers d'Art (France)

June/July 2020, number 146

"Bubble Bouquet"

by Helene Brunet-Rivaillon

UPPERCASE April/May/June 2020 Mariko Kusumoto

Uppercase (Canada)

April/May/June 2020

"Achieving Transparency"

by Laura Tarrish

EXCELLENCE IN FIBERS  Fiber Art now double issue   juried exhibition in print  Winter 2016/2017 volume 6, issue 2 Mariko Kusumoto

Excellence in Fibers

(Fiber Art Now double issue)

"Juried Exhibition in Print"

Winter 2016/2017 volume 6, issue 2

Mariko Kusumoto, american craft
Mariko Kusumoto, Fiber Art now

American Craft

April/ May 2015

"Objects of Wonder

by Joyce Lovelace

Portrait by Cary and Babs Wolinsky

Fiber Art Now

Summer 2014, Vol. 3, Issue 4

"Exploring Weighlessness"

by Marcia Young

Photography by Deanna DiMarzio


Mariko Kusumoto, metalsmith

Metalsmith Vol. 28, Number 2, 2008

"Cicada Larvae Dreams and Other Stories"

by Mija Riedel

Other Publications

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Handwerken no.220 2020  Mariko Kusumoto
dpi May 2020 Taiwan, vol.244 Mariko Kusumoto
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