chess set

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Unlike most other board games, each of the chess pieces is a character: king, queen, rook, knight, bishop, and pawn. I have made the characters on each side of the board representative of East and West, with the pieces on each side having distinctive cultural characteristics.

Although East and West are opponents in the game, having lived within both Eastern and Western cultures, I equally appreciate and am fond of both, and enjoy their unique differences.

Some of the pieces can be moved mechanically and some contain surprises inside. For example, a king’s mouth can be moved, the program on the TV can be changed, the samurai makes a flourish with his sword, the sandwich opens to reveal curious layers inside, etc.

Not only can people play a game of chess with the pieces, they can also create their own stories and enjoy how each piece interacts with each other in the space.

When not in use, the chessboard is folded and stored in a slot between the rooms, and the game pieces can rest in their own room, inside the concrete contemporary-style house, until the next battle.

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